AUDITOR goes Europe: Expertise on national requirements on AUDITOR´s criteria catalogue for Slovenia by JK Group Law and Tax Office, Ltd.

As one of the first experts for assessing the AUDITOR criteria catalogue on a EU Member State specific-view, the AUDITOR project won the Slovenian JK Group Law and Tax Office, Ltd. (JK) for the Slovenian requirements that need to implemented in order to develop a common EU-wide data protection certification for cloud providers (European Data Protection Seal). JK is a legal and tax consulting company with focus on south-east European countries. JK specializes in Information Law that covers industries of internet, IT, ICT / telecommunications, blockchain, cryptocurrencies, privacy data, big data. JK also provides legal and tax consulting for companies, legal custody (legal and tax custody) for entrepreneurs and companies. JK´s expertise is given by Matija Jamnik, an experienced lawyer and Partner at JK. Matija advises and represents numerous European companies before the courts in JK´s focus. Matija’s vast field-experience is complemented by his membership in the network “INPLP” (International Network of Privacy Law Professionals) as well as being its rapporteur for Slovenia.

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