European Cloud Service Data Protection Certification

Our Goal

The “AUDITOR” research project is aimed at designing, implementing in an exemplary way, and testing an EU-wide data protection certification of cloud services for long-term application.

Data Protection

Cloud service providers can use the AUDITOR certificate to prove compliance with the provisions of the EU General Data Protection Regulation.

Europe-wide Recognition

The AUDITOR project strives for Europe-wide recognition for AUDITOR to become fully effective on both the national and the EU member states level.

Pilot Certifications

The AUDITOR certification process developed will be tested and validated in practice. We planned to validate research findings in three use cases.

Certification according to the EU General Data Protection Regulation is in the interest of all parties:

Cloud Service Providers

Cloud providers that can offer transparency and protection through certification.

Evaluation and Certification Authorities

Evaluation and certification authorities can embed AUDITOR into their portfolio.

Cloud Customers

Cloud customers that are to cooperate with cloud providers offering sufficient guarantees for compliance with data protection only.

End Consumers

The protection of end consumers’ data is the main objective of the AUDITOR certification of could services.

Pierre Chastanet | Head of Unit Cloud & Software DG Connect

EU Commission endorses AUDITOR

Pierre Chastanet of DG Connect emphasizes the importance of AUDITOR at the Trusted Cloud Lounge on 22nd January 2019 at the Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy in Berlin (from 4:00 min).


News Update January 2021

We wish you a happy and healthy new year! The trademark “GDPR Cloud Certificate – GDPR CC” has been successfully registered by the AUDITOR program owner, the Trusted Cloud Kompetenznetzwerk.[…]

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AUDITOR goes Europe (II): Review of the criteria catalogue for national requirements for Austria by Maybach Görg Lenneis Geréd Rechtsanwälte GmbH (MGLP)

In the further progress of national evaluations of the AUDITOR criteria catalogue from member states perspective, AUDITOR has been able to win over the Austrian experts from MGLP who examined[…]

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Assessment of the AUDITOR conformity assessment program completed

AUDITOR has passed a first important hurdle on the way to a national data protection certificate for cloud services in Germany. The German accreditation body DAkkS has completed the assessment[…]

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AUDITOR as Follow-Up of TCDP

The AUDITOR research project is the follow-up project of the
‘Trusted Cloud Data Protection Profile for Cloud Services’ (TCDP).

The AUDITOR Project Consortium